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         Typed text  directly to speech      

Designed for vocally impaired and speech limited persons of all ages


 Affordable, powerful  Easy - Speech Generating Device : TextSpeak offers THE solution for  AAC augmentative communication when you are looking for a simple yet powerful speech generation device. Perfect for speech impaired individuals, post operative patients, or as a health product solution for anyone who needs an affordable voice generation device that generates synthesized speech.

  • Easiest  to use Augmentative Communication keyboard device available today

  • Affordable assistive speech for children and adults ...  simple, flexible, powerful




  • Works over speakerphone telephones,  for calls to friends and family

  • Battery powered , portable;  speaks with unlimited vocabulary

  • Several models with flexible keyboard choices to fit your typing skills and needs

Choose from multiple keyboard options  

special  pricing use Coupon Code "S2012" when ordering!


Works without PC Keyboard
Wireless keyboard Battery operation  Male and Female voices List


Standard $479


Large Key     $495


Mini + Palm $565






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TS04-W  Mini Wireless Key


Sleek portable wireless keyboard with automatic ON/OFF power
(12" wide, with standard keys)



Complete price  $529  $479

Speech Generating Devices

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TS04-LKW Large Key


Speech generation with an extra large key, oversized keyboard
(20" wide, with 1" square keys))


TS04 - LKW      (Wireless)  $565  $495 

Speech generating devices  TS04LK

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TS04-2K   Mini/Palm Combo

Dual keyboards provide a simple on-the-go choice to use a  both  a standard typing  keyboard and the convenience of a second,  Palm  (phone sized) keyboard

Complete price  $619 $565


Speech generating device AAC Keyboard

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If you are not sure if TextSpeak is right for you, your patient or your friend, just give us a call or chat with us online. We are here to help. click  Help me choose the right solution


       Details and Specifications

Works without a PC, Simple to use!

Simply type and speech is generated

Speaks 30 user defined phrases with single key presses

Selectable  Male/Female voices in both English or Spanish

Nothing to learn, ready to work when you open the box!

Lightweight and ultra portable. 

Smart keyboard includes 'alphabet only' & sticky key modes

Shipped direct,  try using our simple 30 day return policy

Mohinder Testimonials are the SAME on


   Testimonials  and Customer Reviews

This product exceeds our expectations ... Thanks very much to you all for making this wonderful product available.

Richard D.
Grand Rapids, MI

I am unable to speak, in a nursing home, so I am using this constantly now. (everybody loves it). .... ,One further comment-this was purchased by a grad school professor for me who has degrees in Spanish and language history. We have also marveled that you could do the Spanish so well.

MaryAnn S.
Fort Washington, PA

I think Text Speak is a great AAC device for cognitively intact individuals who are having trouble making their wants and needs known.  The simplified mechanics and lack of iconic symbols makes this device ideal for the geriatric population.  Please let me know what I can do to help.  I really believe you have a good thing going here and will continue to recommend Text Speak for my patients who I feel can benefit from them.    Thank you!

Kristina R.  MA, SLP-CCC
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

I am very happy that I could help my sister speak again after 4 throat surgeries and radiation treatments. We love your product!! Sincerely- 

Susan V :  6/24/2011
Moscow, ME

How to Order:

TextSpeak is available from major suppliers of Assistive Technology products for shipment  virtually anywhere. 

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Digital Acoustics Textspeak series; Leaders in Assistive Talking Keyboards and Speech products now offers both English and Spanish language support. TextSpeak series generate speech as Augmentative Speech Aid, Adaptive and Assistive Keyboards, AAC, communication devices, and assistive technology. Full information on AAC, SGD and TTY replacement devices and assistive device solutions for stroke, aphasia , ALS and for speaking/speech disorders s available to for speech limited, physically disabled and/or handicapped persons. TextSpeak assistive devices aid SLP recommendations for augmentative communication devices, augmentative communications products and  augmentative assistive keyboards.


Textspeak is a  Speech Generating Devices Affordable alternative to quality products available from LiberTTY (tm), Dynavox (tm) and GUS communications AAC (augmentative communications products)