TS-04-2K Dual Key-900
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TS04-2K Mini/Palm Combo

$619.00 $565.00

The TS-04-2K includes 2 keyboards, our standard TS-04W and a wireless palm-size keyboard. Perfect for Travel!



Product Description


TextSpeak lets you choose the right keyboard and keyboard combinations.

Dual keyboards provide a simple on-the-go choice to use a both a standard typing keyboard and the convenience of a second, Palm (phone sized) keyboard.

Affordable, powerful  Easy – Speech Generating Device : TextSpeak offers THE solution for AAC augmentative communication when you are looking for a simple yet powerful speech generation device. Perfect for speech impaired individuals, post operative patients, or as a health product solution for anyone who needs an affordable voice generation device that generates synthesized speech.

Simply turn on the power and start typing to talk!.

  •  Works without a PC, Simple to use!
  •  Simply type and speech is generated
  •  Speaks 30 user defined phrases with single key presses
  •  Select-able  Male/Female voices in both English or Spanish
  •  Nothing to learn, ready to work when you open the box!
  • Smart keyboard includes ‘alphabet only’ & sticky key modes
  • Shipped direct,  try using our simple 30 day return policy

TextSpeak offers the most affordable keyboard AAC products today.

Our technology is leading edge and we have designed TextSpeak to be reasonably priced. The know-how to do this has been years in the making. In 1996 we were issued our first patent and in 2006 our TextSpeak speech products were deployed in space by the Shuttle Discovery. When we chose to develop the TS-04 we focused on a design that was to be simple, affordable & effective and feel we are right on the mark.

Learn more on our video demo pages!


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